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Please note as of April 19th 2017 pixeldictions will be sadly going offline. Due to circumstances revealed privately in the pixel community pd has no choice but to close the doors for good. It has been a fun run since opening in 2006. Just made it over 10 years. That is not bad at all. Any who join the site now join for use of content. You may continue to use my stuff after pd is gone I just ask that you please abide by the terms of use.

Thank you to all who have come and gone over the years. I wish you all the best



Here are some of the items you can find in the shoppe at Pixeldictions. Not only can you purchase items but there are a few freebies you might enjoy as well. Free incredimail stats and siggies are available.

Thank you for Visiting!

Meet Apple Brown Betty

This sweet little doll loves her apples and sharing them with her berry friends. This package comes with 206 items which consists of outlines and greyscales. Lots of items lots of possibilities.







These are just some possible idea’s of what you can do with this pack.



Come check out the shoppe. All items on sale. 50 to 75% off

Here is one of the items that are on sale at the shoppe. Just in time for the harvest season check out this Homesteaders pack of Fredrick and Amelia.

Over a hundred items in this pack and the starting price is only $4.00. Come by Pixeldictions shoppe and see what is available.

If there is something in particular you would like to see in the shoppe feel free to drop me a line and let me know.


Good afternoon. I just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that I have recently added custom packs back to the shoppe. I will only do 1 a month so as to not burn out. However should the pack option be taken you may contact me to see if I am available to do another. Doing it this way I make sure I am giving the best quality I can without rushing to just get the pack done.

You can see older samples of past custom projects that I have done at the shoppe.

Click on first Stat to download these new items. All included in one zip. Not showing in second stat, there are two sigtags for it one with Luna in Moth outfit and one without her outfit on.

Image6 Image7

New Stat. Little Moon Galaxia 

4 hair colours all included in the zip along with the sigtag you just have to add your own name.

Font that I used on the sigtag was Ravie




Hello Members

Decided to give you a little treat and put the tubes I just did in the members area of Brantley and BayRose with their cute little pet Rocky the raccoon. I hope you will enjoy these cuties as much as I had colouring them.

There is about 166 tubes give or take.

pd_sample_bayrose-Bentley pd_sampleboard_BB

New items now available in Pixeldictions Shoppe.

Super cute Brantley and BayRose Pack,  as well as Brantley CampOut.

BayRose Dreamer is available also at 25% off.

Why not come see for yourself! Thank you for stopping by.

pd_BayRose_Dreamer_samplepd_sample_image_Brantley pd_sample_bayrose-Bentley_lines-gs

Be Courageous

Be Courageous

all four hair colours available in zip

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