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Hello Members

Decided to give you a little treat and put the tubes I just did in the members area of Brantley and BayRose with their cute little pet Rocky the raccoon. I hope you will enjoy these cuties as much as I had colouring them.

There is about 166 tubes give or take.

pd_sample_bayrose-Bentley pd_sampleboard_BB

86 lines

24 coloured bases

846 Tubes

This custom doll was created by Pixeldictions for Shalana

and she graciously has given me a pack for my members area.

She did an awesome job on colouring Lexi.

To download these 386 tubes do so here

Aina Tubes now available for download

 303 tubes in this pack.


Total lines:130

Total tubes/grayscale: 1591

Stats: 2

363 outlines and 520 tubes
(Thanks Laura for the count)

368 Tubes in this pack


Kiki Tubes

212 Tubes

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