1. My name is April C.

2. I was born in 1971

3. I am a wife and a mom

4. I have been married twice

5. I have been married now since July 1996

6. I have 3 boys – oldest one from my first marriage

7. I am the middle child in my family 2 older, 2 younger

8. My younger sister introduced me to Pixeling

9. My original hobbies were – drawing, painting, knitting, writing poetry, reading

10. some of my poetry can be read online


11. I love peaceful moments.

12. I love reflection

13. I am Canadian

14. I love photography

15. I love nature walks

16. I love Karaoke

17. I hate bugs and snakes

18. I hate shopping

19. I need to lose weight

20. I have a great sense of humor

21. Ugh hard enough writing the first 20 lol