Terms rewritten: 2010

I will try to keep these terms as simple as possible and hopefully understandable.
Before purchasing a membership please note that my site and my creations are not
allowed on any social networks such as facebook, Live Journal, myspace, fotki forums etc.
No usage list available on site.

I reserve the right to change or modify these terms when necessary.

Membership Area's

-No member may share their login information with friends or family - 
caught doing so is a violation of terms and you will 
be banned from the members area and there will be no refund.
-Before access is granted members logo must be on website.
-Logo's must stay on your site if you continue to use my graphics even 
if you are no longer a member at Pixeldictions.
-If you own a membership site - you must give access upon request, within 
24 hours of that request. Failure to do so 
will result in suspension or even cancellation of membership.
-You now must have a website to join pixeldictions. 
Or have a well known member of the pixel community give you a referral if you do not have a website. 


Lineart cannot be shared, passed around through any types of email, forums, 
groups, live journal or any other sites of this nature, snag groups or burned 
to CD for sale.

My lineart cannot be altered in any way which means no cutting, removing, or 
resizing my lines.
You may add to the lineart but as mentioned you cannot remove anything from my line. 
Should there be something you would like removed contact me first.
Lineart cannot be turned into vectors.
Lineart must be shaded and not just flood filled - flood filling is not shading.
Bases must be clothed (at least bra and underwear)

Tubes and Tubing/Special Characters License:  $22.00 (one license)

My tubes: end use only - you may make sigtags, websets, email stationery etc. 
You must add other graphics to them, adding a text is not a graphic.
Nothing may be shared in snag groups, msn groups or forums. Doing so is in voilation 
of my terms caught doing so 
membership will be terminated.
Tubes cannot be recoloured. You may make small alterations in order to animate it. 

Tubing License/Special Characters is required to tube my lines if you are wanting to 
sell the lines you coloured.
The tubing/special characters license has now merged into one license. (new)
Tubes cannot be offered in greyscale.

As is Tubing License: NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Before you can purchase the as is license you must hold the tubing/special characters license. 
Only my lines can be offered with the as is tubing license if you hold this license.
This license does not include the shoppe items at Pixeldictions Isles. 

Please note there are two license: members area $45.00 or both members area and shoppe $75.00
No greyscale tubing.

Resellers License: Important

Resellers Licenses: I do not offer a resellers license which means 
re-selling something I have created. 
Example: I create a line pack and you turn around and sell that line pack to 
someone else. This is not allowed with my creations.


This license allows you to write tutorials using my lines. 
(special characters not covered under this license)

Commercial License: $150.00 must be purchased with membership

Purchasing this license will allow you to use my graphics in your 
commercial products such as scrap booking, 
cross-stitching, and other paper crafts. You will be able to create stationery, 
business cards, and other small business uses. This License will also allow you 
to resize my art to the size you need but does not giveyou permission to change 
the lines themselves. Pixeldictions retains copyright and it is necessary to
give credit for the graphics used. With this license you will be allowed to 
make graphic cd's of your finished products for sale. When selling any type 
of products from my creations my credits must go with the creations so my 
credits are not lost. 
If you do not agree to this then you do not have to purchase my license.
(This license does not cover resellers license as this is not allowed with 
the use of Pixeldictions creations)

This does not give you permission to take my already coloured graphics - 
nor is this license valid on the AS IS Section inside my members area as these 
lines were not created by me. For further terms on those lines you will have to 
visit the owners site.

sigtags, premades, stationery etc (updated)

Sigtags/stationery in the members area are for members only. I use quicktag 
for your convenience so names must go on the sigtag. Once names are on the tag 
you cannot remove your name and put someone else's name on it. 
You cannot provide the link to any non members so that they may receive the tag. 
Doing so will be in violation of my terms and  can jeopardize your membership. 
I record all sigtag orders so please use your members name or 
real name so that I know you ordered it for yourself. 


No refunds will be given once you have gained access to the members area.