My lineart cannot be altered in any way which means no cutting, removing, or 
resizing my lines.
You may add to the lineart but as mentioned you cannot remove anything from my line. 
Should there be something you would like removed contact me first.
Lineart cannot be turned into vectors.
Lineart must be shaded and not just flood filled - flood filling is not shading.
Bases must be clothed (at least bra and underwear)


Custom/Exclusive Line Packs:

Line sets will be created for you so you can place them in your protected members area. Editing/altering of the lines is not allowed except for making minor animations. These lines cannot be resold as is.

This custom/exclusive pack comes with the following licenses: Tube, AsIs, and AsIs Tubing. These characters are not exclusive to you, as I reserve the right to make other sets with the character I made for you.

All bases must be dressed when they are tubed. All the lines must be shaded, flood filling is not shading and I do not allow grey scale tubing of my creations. (Greyscale meaning I do not allow making just packs of greyscaled images)

Re-colouring of the eyes is allowed.

You may make extra accessories for them but lines cannot be made to sell with these dolls. If you own a few different sites you must add this pack to one site.
Those these dolls were created for you I do not give up the copyright to them. They are filed under my copyright with who I made them for.


Explanation of Licenses:

As is: Means lines may be placed in your protected members area only – it does not mean you can re-sell the lines.

As is tubing: Means the purchaser of the pack can tube the lines and sell those tubes as is.